Today there is no program for newly arrived refugee children with focus on building motivation and see the future.

The organization buys Hästiskurser from 4H-farms and riding schools for newly arrived refugee children’s behalf. A Hästiskurs covers preparatory knowledge of horse care and is implemented in four separate activity occasions.

Newly arrived refugee children often feel bad within. And several studies of child asylum seekers show the presence of post-traumatic stress disorder.

At the same time, other studies show that increased knowledge about horses strengthens children’s self-esteem and confidence. When the children’s awareness of their capacity increases, the perceived difficulties decreases.

The purpose is to start the healing of the soul and create new belief in the future thru knowledge about horses. Also contribute to a positive waiting time and practical knowledge about Swedish culture and history.

This program place the child in charge of it´s own therapy.

The goal of the program is that 500 children go Hästis courses in 2016. 2000 children in 2017 and 5000 children in 2018.

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Over 70 000 children awaiting asylum decision and the number is increasing. The waiting period is now over 2 years and the children live in uncertainty about the future.

Approximately 50% suffer from PTSS. The children has experienced separation, capture, or ill-treatment and torture of the parents, or witnessed abuse and killing.

The cost for society is some 1-1,6 EUR million for one person ending up in exclusion. At the same time one invested euro gives five back on a 15 year timeframe.