New Vitality By Horses conduct courses in preparatory horse knowledge for newly arrived refugee children.

The purpose is to strengthen the children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. When the children’s insight into their ability increases, experienced difficulties decreases.

Many of the children suffer from posttraumatic stressyndrome (PTSD). The reason is that the children often have been exposed directly to traumatic events and losses such as separation, arrest or abuse and torture of the parents, or witnessed abuse and killing.

Through this program, the children take command of their therapy before they fail in school and life with exclusion as a result.

Our Impact Factor

Our impact factor describes our social performance in a measurable way. Before: How was the child’s life before our organization intervened. Intervention: What did our organization do to help the child. After: How the child’s life changed after our organization helped.

Abdullarahman, 6 year from Iraq

During a course in october 2016 a child from Iraq, Abdullarahman 6 year, attended. He is part of a family with four children, one crippled with weak heart. The escape from Iraq took almost two years because the father carried the crippled boy all the way on his back. It was a big struggle the father told me. The asylum accomodation is located in Stockholm and they have lived there almost a year.

What we saw when the course started was that Abdullarahman had big problems with focusing and concentrating. To listen, stand still, respect rules and other people. He did not seem to care and was impulsive in a negative way. For instance running around in the bus when he knew he should sit down and be strapped. Almost impossible to stop. Neglecting security around horses and how to behave with animals. Not listening to the staff at the 4H-farm.

Even if he did not listen or seemed to care, the staff at the 4H-farm and the Ny Livskraft Genom Hästar host all the time talked about the rules such as saftey procedures and correct behavior around the animals. And that the animals show what they think when the behavior is wrong (or right). You cannot touch them and they get nervous and potentially dangerous.

On the third activity occasion we started seeing changes in the behavior. Sitting down in the bus, concentrating and showing correct behavior around the animals. We also started to become friends with Abdullarahman, both the Ny Livskraft Genom Hästar host and the staff at the 4H-farm.

Abdullarahman, 6 year in green with his brother Sadulla, 9 year.

On the last occasion Abdullarahman behaved as he should so he qualified for riding. And with correct behavior the horse (Shetland pony) accepted him. Abdullarahman understood when we talked about it that listen and follow the rules give result. He got a ”aha” experience with help from the horse.

Furthermore the girls working at the 4H-farm had become role models. Abdullarhman got the question what he want to be when he grow up. Abdullarahman showed his hair that his mother had made part lighten. He explaind he wan´t to be as the girls doing the course and they are blond.

The impact on this boy was very clear. Listen, accept the rules and you will accomplish your goal. That he will never forget. And with new role models he sees a future.

Trailer TV series – The Secret Millionaire 2017 – New Vitality By Horses


Lars Norén

In 2016, the association conducted courses for approximately 180 people from different asylum accommodations.

In 2017, the activities stopped when asylum accommodations were gradually closed down and the children with families moved.

The possibility of “catching up” children at school or at The social Welfare Board has been investigated with the conclusion that it requires too large resources for implementation.

If society’s focus on integration of foreign-born children increases, the association’s plan is to create a long-term business model through partnerships with municipalities and companies.

Via municipalities we will come in contact with schools (children) and companies (volunteers). This program would then be part of a major integration program where municipalities participate and finance. Companies sponsor to allow employees the possibility of personal development volunteering during working hours with horse courses.