“Your help does so much”

you help newly arrived children feel better mentally. The perceived difficulties is being reduced when:

  • The children have fun while developing their abilities
  • The waiting on the asylum decision will be more meaningful
  • The children will learn a skill and get an experience that will last a lifetime
  • The children come in deeper contact with Sweden in a positive way

  • You become a member of the association and thus show your support for asylum-seeking children
  • You can participate as a volunteer, such as chauffeur, planning, other
  • Influence the development of operations with your right to vote
  • Use the association in your communication
  • Get information about the development of the association once a month via email

You decide how much you want help with. 1 dollar, 10 maybe

10 000…


you help the children

Insert any amount on Plusgiro 77 79 91-1.

You can also use Swish or PayPal.


123 096 06 74

Pay Pal

10 $

50 $

100 $

Any amount